Special Essential Oil Blends

Those Essential oils have been specially blend to enhance the specify target.

Relaxing_Oil.jpg Relaxing Oil $10.00

This oil is a mixture of essential oil that will melt your muscles, unwind the knots. You will feel very relax within few minutes of its application.

Sensual-_Oil.jpg Sensual Oil $10.00

This Sensual Oil will unleash your deeper desires, and enhance your inner feelings.

Oil_Fungus.jpg Special Blend for Fungus/Nail Infection $10.00

This blend will clear Fungus and/or Nail infection in no time.

Oil_Invigorating.jpg Special Blend for Invigorating $10.00

This will wake up all your muscles and spirit, making you feel alive and ready to tackle (almost) any task.

Oil_Memory.jpg Special Blend for Memory $10.00

This special blend will make your memory sharper, and will allow to recall more information.

Oil_Muscle_Pain.jpg Special Blend for Muscle Pain $10.00

Use this special blend to melt away your knots and pain deep in your muscles in minutes.

Oil_Skin_Issue.jpg Special Blend for Skin Issue $10.00

This blend will sooth most skin irritation, rashes, insects bite, and more.

Oil_Sleeping.jpg Special Blend for Sleeping $10.00

Waking up tired? Lack of sleep? This special blend will make you sleep deeper and longer throughout the night. You will wake up fully energized.